Amerikanske senator Cynthia Lummis for å sikre at kongressen forstår at Bitcoin er en ’stor butikk av verdi‘

Bitcoiner Cynthia Lummis er valgt inn i det amerikanske senatet. Hun har avslørt at en av hennes prioriteringer er å forklare kollegene i kongressen om at bitcoin er „en stor butikk med verdi.“

Cynthia Lummis planlegger å overbevise kongressen om at Bitcoin er en stor butikk med verdi
Cynthia Lummis er valgt til å representere staten Wyoming i det amerikanske senatet, og gjør historien som den første kvinnen som gjør det. Tidligere tjente hun i det amerikanske representanthuset i åtte år som en Wyoming-konservativ republikan.

I et intervju med Fox News tirsdag ble Lummis spurt: “Hva planlegger du å gjøre? Hva er dine viktigste prioriteringer? ” Hun forklarte at hun planlegger „å jobbe med flere spørsmål, inkludert saker for å prøve å redusere vår [nasjonale] gjeld og vårt underskudd.“ Den valgte senatoren utdypet:

Jeg planlegger også å forklare kollegaene mine om bitcoin. Jeg vet at det ikke er mye kjent om bitcoin spesielt i Kongressen. Så jeg vil sørge for at alle forstår at dette er en stor butikk av verdi.

„Det er noe amerikanere kan bruke til å diversifisere eiendelene sine og for å sikre at de har eiendeler som ikke har inflasjon innebygd i seg slik den amerikanske dollaren gjør,“ mente Lummis.

Lummis kjøpte sin første BTC i 2013, og hun er nå en hodler. „Jeg ble slått av hvor nyskapende bitcoin er med sin desentraliserte hovedbok og en fast forsyning,“ sa hun tidligere. „Bitcoin for meg har vist store løfter og kan stige som en levedyktig alternativ butikk av verdi for amerikanske dollar både på institusjonsnivå og på personlig nivå.“

Nylig var det et initiativ for å utdanne medlemmer av kongressen om kryptovaluta. Initiativet „Crypto for Congress“, som ble lansert i oktober av Chamber of Digital Commerce, ga $ 50 bitcoin-bidrag til alle 535 medlemmer av Kongressen. Målet var å utvide „bruken og adopsjonen av kryptokurver blant kongreskandidater, valgte ledere og engasjerte borgere,“ detaljerte kammeret.

This is why the Bitcoin exchange rate has plummeted from 18,500 US dollars

Bitcoin fell sharply as it approached the $18,500 mark. Top analysts forecast that institutional investors will buy up the decline.

The Bitcoin (BTC) price fell sharply after reaching almost $18,500 on Binance and Coinbase. The collapse was accompanied by large sell orders on spot and futures exchanges.

BTC/USD 15-minute chart. Source:
As Cointelegraph reported earlier, traders expected a pullback as the BTC price approached the resistance zone between $18,000 and $19,000. The market reacted sharply to the first re-test of this zone in almost three years.

Bitcoin confirmed that $18,500 is an important short term resistance.
There are two reasons why Bitcoin experienced such a rapid decline to almost $18,500. This caused other crypto currencies such as ether (ETH) to decline even more sharply.

On the one hand, the 18,500 US dollar mark is the biggest resistance before a new all-time high above 20,000 US dollars. It is therefore important for sellers to defend this range. A breakout above $18,500 would increase the chance of a more extended rally.

Second, an overwhelming majority of Bitcoin addresses are profitable, while BTC is simultaneously testing an important resistance. According to IntoTheBlock, 99 per cent of BTC addresses are now profitable. This increases the likelihood of a decline because people are cashing out their winnings.

That BTC has recovered in the past two hours, it is very likely that declines will be bought aggressively. After the initial drop to $17,214 on Binance, Bitcoin immediately recovered to over $17,600.

Bitcoin’s hourly chart shows the 20-day moving average at $17,586. Thus, if BTC remains well above this level, the likelihood of a longer lasting recovery increases.

Dan Tapiero, co-founder of 10T Holdings, is confident about Bitcoin’s medium-term prospects. He said that the „big boys“ or smart money would probably buy these declines. He commented on the Bitcoin weekly chart:

„Not often in life do you have the opportunity to see a chart like this. Bitcoin is on the verge of overtaking the highs. 3rd wave of rises puts the 2017 rally in the shade and should last for several years. Actual fundamentals are driving the price, in contrast to the Speccy/ICO hype in 2017. Big boys will now buy the declines“.

Bitcoin weekly chart. Source: Bloomberg, Dan Tapiero
John Wick, a popular Bitcoin retailer, agreed. Wick said that Bitcoin was making some profit payouts, but it was still unclear how long the bears would be able to keep up the pressure. He said:

„Winnings payouts have started to start to happen at BTC. Let’s see how long the bears can sustain this decline before it is bought up again“.
What’s next?
Trader „Bitcoin Jack“ said that the dominant crypto currency is reaching the „finale“ of its short-term cycle. There is still some upside potential for Bitcoin after its recent decline, but he said that more long positions or buyers could fall into the trap. This would make a further decline likely.

The trader explained:

„I think we are in the final. There is still some upside potential to eradicate early short positions and trap even more long positions. Then the trap will close. We’re eating shawarma for dinner.“
Given that Bitcoin’s hourly moving averages remained strong after the collapse, the chances of a recovery are higher than for a larger decline.

The bonds of the second largest Chinese bank… buyable in bitcoins!

Bitcoin, a safe bet? – Who would have thought to read that a few years ago, when the whole economic and financial system didn’t care about cryptocurrencies? Yet it is indeed true. China Construction Bank will raise funds. And hold on tight! In addition to the US dollar, it will gladly accept bitcoins (BTC).

A digital issue of bank bonds

According to an article in the South China Morning Post newspaper, the big bank China Construction Bank will launch a sale of a total of $ 3 billion of bonds on blockchain .

The Chinese banking giant has partnered with Hong Kong-based fintech company Fusang . The latter will allow, on its eponymous crypto-exchange, the distribution of this digital title .

These “blockchain” bonds allow a certain democratization of the investor public who can access them. Listing these digitized bonds via blockchain allows them to be issued at lower costs , reducing intermediaries and their commissions.

Thus, equivalents in traditional form would be sold for several tens of thousands of yuan each (more than 1,500 dollars ), which rather reserves them for professional or wealthy investors. However, here, the bonds of the China Construction Bank can be subscribed from a minimum of 100 dollars each only.

“If this sale is successful with investors, Fusang hopes to work with the public bank on issuance in other currencies, including the yuan. » – Henry Chong, CEO of Fusang

When bitcoins get embedded

The other incredible peculiarity that makes this bond sale unique is that the China Construction Bank will accept both classic US dollars and bitcoins .

The vouchers can be exchanged freely on the Fusang Exchange , authorized by the financial regulator of Labuan, Malaysia .

“We believe this will be the start of cryptos 2.0: the true institutionalization of digital assets. “ – Henry Chong

These digital bonds will be open for trading starting this Friday, November 13 . A first tranche of 58 million dollars of bonds will be issued, intended for both individual and institutional investors .

Given that this is traditional finance (not DeFi), you should not, on the other hand, not expect an exceptional interest rate . It will only be 0.75% , which is still three times the current standard interbank rate ( Libor ) for this kind of bond (which is only 0.25%).

3 sinais de Bearish Signs Sugerir $14,6K Reteste está chegando

Análise do preço do bitcoin: 3 sinais de Bearish Signs Sugerir $14,6K Reteste está chegando

Bitcoin está atualmente descansando ao longo do suporte do que parece ser um triângulo ascendente precoce. Embora este padrão seja Bitcoin Evolution tipicamente uma formação de continuação em alta, há 3 fatores que sugerem que os preços do BTC estão prestes a cair.

  • (1) Há uma divergência substancial no RSI de 4 horas que indica que a tendência atual é particularmente fraca (linha amarela no indicador).
  • (2) Os preços estão agora empurrando para o lado após a tentativa fracassada de ontem de fechar acima da alta anterior de 15.800 dólares. A baixa volatilidade geralmente significa uma falta de confiança no mercado e precede uma inversão da tendência de baixa.
  • (3) O capital de mercado criptográfico global ainda está estagnado em torno da marca de 440 bilhões de dólares, o que suporta a teoria de que os touros estão exauridos.

Níveis de preços a serem observados no curto prazo

No gráfico de 4 horas do BTC/USD, fica claro pela seqüência de pequenos corpos de velas que a atividade comercial caiu significativamente nas últimas 24 horas. Não apenas isso, mas a resistência de 15.385 dólares parece ser um teto particularmente difícil para os compradores do BTC fecharem acima durante o pregão de hoje.

Este nível particular será o primeiro alvo intradiário para os touros a quebrar, seguido pelo nível de $15.600 e o fechamento de 4 horas de alta a $15.800. Se os preços puderem se recuperar além destas metas, então a alta de quase 3 anos de US$ 15.968 e as resistências super psicológicas de US$ 16.000 serão as próximas metas principais para os compradores de bitcoin.

Além da alta atual, há uma zona chave de resistência diária (vermelha) entre $16.170 e $16.250 que provavelmente criará alguma fricção se o triângulo ascendente se reproduzir e o bitcoin subir para novas alturas (linha branca grossa).

A opção de baixa, no entanto, parece ser a situação muito mais provável que irá ocorrer durante o resto desta semana (linha grossa vermelha). Se o suporte atual de $15.200 rupturas (linha amarela), então poderíamos ver os preços baixar até o próximo grande suporte em torno de $14.600, antes de corrigir. Depois disso, poderíamos ver o principal ativo criptográfico ser empurrado para o lado pela segunda vez entre este nível e os 14.900 dólares acima, antes de quebrar ainda mais em direção à base de 14.600 dólares.

Vale notar que os 50-EMA (azul) desempenharam um papel de vital importância durante o último mês e tem sustentado o bitcoin várias vezes durante períodos de volatilidade em baixa. Neste momento, ele se encontra logo abaixo da marca de 14.900 dólares, então vamos ver se ele pode reter os ursos novamente.

Handlowiec Uniswap wydaje $9,500 na opłaty za transakcję na 120$.

„Zniszczyłem swoje życie“: Handlowiec Uniswap wydaje $9,500 na opłaty za transakcję na 120$.

Zniecierpliwiony inwestor Uniswap przypadkowo zapłacił ponad 23 ether, aby przeprowadzić transakcję za 120 dolarów na zdecentralizowanej giełdzie.

Niezdarny inwestor twierdzi, że „zniszczył“ sobie życie po nieumyślnym zapłaceniu $9,500 w opłatach za transakcję $120 na zdecentralizowanej giełdzie (DEX) Uniswap.

5 listopada, użytkownik Reddit ‚ProudBitcoiner‘ zamieścił, że przypadkowo zapłacił 23.5172 ether (ETH) za pojedynczą transakcję po uzyskaniu „Limitu gazu“ i „Ceny gazu“ Bitcoin Up pól wejściowych pomylonych w portfelu MetaMask.

„Metamask nie wypełnił pola „Limit gazu“ odpowiednią kwotą w mojej poprzedniej transakcji i transakcja ta zakończyła się niepowodzeniem, więc postanowiłem zmienić ją ręcznie w następnej transakcji […], ale zamiast wpisać 200.000 w polu „Limit gazu“, napisałem to w polu „Cena gazu“, więc zapłaciłem 200.000 GWEI za tę transakcję i zniszczyłem swoje życie“.

Uniswap jest wymianą non-custodialną na żetony ERC-20, co oznacza, że transakcje są realizowane bezpośrednio z portfela użytkownika – co pozwala mu na ręczne ustawienie cen gazu, które jest gotów zapłacić za transakcję.

Użytkownik zauważył, że niedawno pobrał MetaMask w wersji 8.1.2 i nie napotkał wcześniej problemów z populacją pola Limit gazu

Redaktor „Mcgillby“ zasugerował, aby MetaMask wprowadził zabezpieczenia zmuszające użytkowników do potwierdzenia transakcji, gdy wprowadzona cena gazu znacznie przekroczy szacowaną cenę obliczoną z portfela:

„Myślisz, że będą mieli jakieś ostrzeżenie, jak „Przekroczysz o znaczną kwotę potrzebną do uwzględnienia w następnym bloku“ i każą ci potwierdzić. Metamask oblicza już automatycznie zalecaną cenę gazu, więc nie widzę powodu, dla którego nie może mieć dodatkowego potwierdzenia, jeśli ktoś przekroczy zalecaną cenę gazu o dużą marżę.

W czerwcu Cointelegraph poinformował o dwóch tajemniczych transakcjach, że każda z nich wydała 2,6 miliona dolarów na opłaty za transfer eteru o wartości około 130 dolarów. Analitycy zaoferowali różne wyjaśnienia dla tych transakcji, w tym potencjalny błąd w bocie do prania brudnych pieniędzy, zemsta na byłym pracowniku lub zwykły błąd człowieka.

Altcoin-Alptraum: Marktkapitalisierung um 10 Milliarden Dollar gesunken, da die Dominanz von Bitcoin zunimmt

Die Kappe des Krypto-Marktes hat an einem Tag über 10 Milliarden Dollar verloren, da Bitcoin auf 13.500 Dollar gesunken ist und die meisten Altmünzen mit Rot überzogen sind.

Bitcoin kämpft weiter, seit es am Wochenende einen Höchststand von über 14.100 Dollar erreicht hat. Die Situation bei den alternativen Münzen ist noch schlimmer, und die gesamte Marktkapitalisierung ist auf etwa 390 Milliarden Dollar gesunken.
Die Kämpfe von Bitcoin seit seinem 1.000-Tage-Hoch

CryptoPotato berichtete am Wochenende, dass die primäre Krypto-Währung auf ein neues 2020-Hoch von etwa 14.100 USD gestiegen sei. Der Unterschied zwischen diesem Rekord und den vorherigen, die im Oktober registriert wurden, bestand darin, dass auch das Hoch von 2019 übertroffen wurde. Folglich erreichte Bitcoin den höchsten Preis seit Januar 2018.

Die Bären griffen jedoch ein und ließen keine weiteren Erhöhungen zu. Ganz im Gegenteil, BTC begann allmählich an Wert zu verlieren. Allein gestern fiel Bitcoin innerhalb weniger Stunden von etwa 13.800 $ auf sein Tagestief von 13.250 $.

Die Kryptowährung holte den größten Teil ihrer Verluste in den folgenden Stunden wieder auf und schoss zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens dieser Zeilen über 13.500 $ zurück.

Sollte es zu weiteren Rückgängen kommen, könnte die BTC auf 13.280, 13.150 und 13.000 Dollar als Unterstützung zählen. Alternativ könnte Bitcoin zu seinem jüngsten Bullenlauf zurückkehren, wenn es die Widerstandslinien bei $13.500, $13.760 und $13.800 überwindet.

Die alternativen Münzen wurden bei den jüngsten Preissprüngen von Bitcoin etwas ausgelassen. Dies führte dazu, dass die BTC-Dominanz auf dem Markt in nur wenigen Wochen um 6 % zunahm. Erst in den letzten 24 Stunden stieg die Dominanz auf 64 %.

Während Bitcoin jetzt um 1,3 % zurückgegangen ist, ist es bei den meisten Altmünzen noch viel schlimmer. Ethereum hat auf einer 24-Stunden-Skala fast 4% verloren und wird bei $378 gehandelt. Erst vor wenigen Tagen kletterte ETH auf über 400 Dollar.

Die Restwelligkeit (-3%) ist auf $0,23 gesunken. Die Top Ten sehen noch mehr Verluste bei Bitcoin Cash (-8%), Binance Coin (-7,6%), Chainlink (-10%), Polkadot (-5,4%), Cardano (-8%) und Litecoin (-5,5%).

Kryptocurrency Market Heatmap.

Die meisten DeFi-Token sind im Wert gesunken, wie heute bereits erwähnt. Das Reserverechte-Token (-15%) führt diese negative Rangliste an. SushiSwap (-14%), Compound (-13%), Aave (-13%), Loopring (-11,8%), Synthetix Network Token (-11,6%), Energy Web Token (-11,5%) sind nur einige der anderen zweistelligen Preisverlierer.

Nach der Kontroverse mit Huobi ist auch die einheimische Krypto-Währung der Börse um 14,5% gesunken.

Insgesamt hat die kumulierte Marktkapitalisierung aller Kryptowährungen an einem Tag 10 Milliarden Dollar und in einer Woche 18 Milliarden Dollar verloren.